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Dos & Don’ts

Life Insurance Claim

  • Cooperate with the insurance company.
  • Immediately gather all insurance policy documents.
  • Get the medical examiner’s report and death certificate.
  • Make sure that the face amount of the insurance is correct.
  • Reject a retained asset account and get paid in a single check
  • Avoid seeking professional assistance.
  • Forget to look for orphaned policies.
  • Forgot to check with your loved one’s employer for life insurance coverage
  • Go at it alone if you are overwhelmed.

Insurance Lawyer

Insurance is an integral part of a family’s financial health. You buy affordable car and house insurance in order to cover far more expensive damages or full replacement. Life insurance is a different instrument in that it cannot replace a loved one, but it can help ease significant economic loss to a family. It is also an odd product in that you are buying a promise rather than something tangible.

You count on your life insurance carrier to honor its promise to pay a life insurance claim when the need arises. When an insurance company unfairly denies your clam, our Boston based attorney Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire, offers the background as well as the experience to protect your rights.

Contact Jonathan M. Feigenbaum attorney for a knowledgeable claim evaluation if you’ve had an insurance claim denied.

With our extensive experience, fighting unfair life insurance clam denials Jonathan M. Feigenbaum can help you secure the life insurance benefits you deserve. We have succeeded in collecting benefits in circumstances including insurance companies that have argued that benefits are not owed due to intoxication, or a heart attack was caused by a pre-existing condition, or drug overdose was likely to cause death.

Contact an Insurance Lawyer

If you need legal representation in denied life insurance claims, contact Jonathan M. Feigenbaum online or call  617-357-9700, or toll-free 866-396-9722, in order to discuss your situation in a no-cost initial consultation.

Learn everything you need to know with this helpful Life Insurance fact sheet.