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What Our Clients Say About Our Firm

I was referred to Mr. Feigenbaum through a local attorney who suggested him due to his specific area of expertise, which no one in my immediate area currently handles. I went to his practice’s website at about 4:30 on a Friday afternoon, mostly just looking to get my name in so I could speak to someone the following week, as it was almost end of business day going into the weekend. I was offered an online chat option a few minutes in, and accepted. While chatting, it was determined that perhaps I should speak to Mr. Feigenbaum for a quick consult. This caught me a bit by surprise, as I really did not expect to do more than leave a name and contact information so late in the day. Within a few minutes, Jonathan came on the line to discuss my current concerns. First off, I expected at reasonable best to just get a para or assistant to take info and ask a few questions, certainly not the principal person of the practice. I was quite pleasantly surprised by this. Jonathan asked me a series of detailed questions that allowed him to make an accurate assessment of my situation, offer quite specific advice on the areas that were causing me concern, and even gave me a few pointers on some procedural matters that I found rather vexing. In addition, he offered a contact in my local area if I needed it in the future, as well as an offer to call right away if I ran into trouble moving forward. He spent almost half an hour with me, and when I offered compensation for his time, as I truly appreciated the help during a very difficult time in my life, he declined. Astonishing. I didn’t know what to say other than “Thank You”, and that he seemed genuinely concerned about my issues, and offered sound legal advice in a very specific area of law. I don’t know what else to say, Jonathan, other than “Thank You!” again, and to let anyone who peruses this site to know that I would not hesitate for a moment to hire you outright if or when things get dicey in the future. I hope they do not, but thanks for being there and for your genuine sincerity.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“Highly Professional and Reliable”

Jonathan came highly recommended in his specialty and experience in ERISA and disability law, and I am grateful to his handling and resolving my case. From beginning to end, Jonathan communicated with me regularly on important matters and always responded promptly to my emails and/or phone calls. I found Jonathan very reliable and trustworthy without worry or concern. His reputation and experience in all aspects of the law impressed me greatly. His knowledge and professionalism in every step of the process gave me the relief I needed to trust my case was in highly capable hands. It was a pleasure to work with Jonathan, and I recommend him highly.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Thank you Jonathan for everything. I am glad this is over.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“I highly recommend Attorney Feigenbaum”

I engaged Attorney Feigenbaum for assistance with an ERISan Insurance claim. I researched ERISA attorneys nationwide quite thoroughly and was very pleased that he got endorsements from his colleagues in other regions. Jonathan was very responsive, thorough, and sympathetic and well versed in the law around ERISA, insurance and employment issues. For me, he had to review a file that was several inches thick. He knew the players, the process. He used this and his knowledge effectively to make progress. He is results oriented for his clients and delivered a successful result for me. He has been gracious and supportive in ongoing issues that have come up. I very strongly recommend this attorney.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Dear Jonathan, This is just a note to express my gratitude for all the work that you did…Never for a moment did you lose faith in my case – as a matter of fact your support seemed to build over time. I will always think of the past five years as a positive experience in perseverance toward getting ever the most difficult situation settled. It was also wonderful getting to know you.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“Exceptional Legal Expertise and a Vigorous Advocate on My Side”

In my work life I traveled around the world conducting contractual negotiations with lawyers in a variety of countries. Little did I know that I’d need the expertise of a lawyer in Boston to resolve a injury related issue with my company’s insurance agent from which I had been stonewalled. After gathering all the relevant facts and affidavits, Jonathan resubmitted my claim. With his direct intervention my claim was finally approved. As mentioned, I had dealt with many lawyers all around the world. Jonathan was consistently and aggressively supporting my claim with sound legal positions. Even more impressive to me, even to this day almost two years since my claim was approved, he has continued to offer support for my own rehabilitation, both physically and mentally. He demonstrated his skill to me when we successfully resolved my claim. He has since demonstrated his support. I am very grateful.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“Knowledgeable, Professional, and Highly Effective”
Jonathan is an expert in ERISA disability law. I am very grateful and relieved that he represents me in my LTD claim. From the moment we first talked, his knowledge and passion for his work were clearly evident. He listens well, understands what is going on medically and contextually in the scope of the disability claim and insurer’s process, and gets to the most important aspects of what needs to happen very quickly. His advice is impeccable, and his ability to intervene with the insurer at exactly the right time and say exactly the right thing to them to keep their actions above board is extraordinary. He has a network of additional experts that he can draw upon as necessary to provide additional insights and information. He is a very effective communicator. He always gets back to me quickly by phone or e-mail alike. He has responded to my questions in the evenings and weekends and has provided me with several ways to contact him. I would highly recommend Jonathan.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“One of the best”

After suffering many months from multiple symptoms which could not be properly diagnosed, I had to apply for LTD through my employer. After doing some research on the many confusing “in’s and out’s” of ERISA law and the stories from people who had been denied again and again, I decided to research ERISA attorneys. I came across Jonathan’s website and was thoroughly impressed.

Jonathan was able to help me with my ERISA Disability Claim, and walked me through the process step by step. After many grueling months going back and forth with the insurance company, my application was approved. I am very happy with the service I continue to receive from Jonathan. My emails are always replied to promptly & with great respect. My questions have been answered every time. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Jonathan Feigenbaum. I recommend Jonathan to anyone who wants a caring representative who will leave no stone unturned when handling their case. Simply put-thorough, ethical, and complete professional service.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“An Expert in his Field”

After being disabled and collecting Long Term Disability benefits from my employer’s insurance company, my claim was closed the week before Christmas. I began collecting when I had surgery to remove 2 tumors from my lungs. While recuperating from the months of chemo I had major back surgery with rods and screws extending my neck to tail bone. I needed extensive rehab to learn to stand, walk and use my arms and hands. I contacted Jon Feigenbaum after Christmas and while he was on vacation. He began working the case even before he got back to his office. I was in and out of the hospital from January thru April but that did not hamper his work on my case. To make a longer story short, his aggressive pursuit of my rights had the insurance company reinstated my claim in October with retroactive payment. He is knowledgeable, precise, responsive, and a fighter for his clients. He involved my family on course of action he was taking in case I was unavailable. He would email when it was to late to call or text. He explained everything exactly. Jonathan is one of the best disability attorneys in the New England area.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“An Excellent Attorney”

Jonathan was referred to me by another attorney who was unfamiliar with ERISA disability cases. I immediately knew I was in good hands. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of ERISA law and explained my case to me in language that was understandable without being condescending. Jonathan is smart, transparent, available and always advised me well. I also respect the honorable way he practices law. He worked very hard for me, was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him!

5 Star Rated Attorney

Jonathan, A sincere thank you for your energy. It is not often that I run into professional who have tried to help as much as you did.

LS and Family
5 Star Rated Attorney

Jonathan. Thank you for all of your support over the last three years. You are greatly appreciated.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Jonathan, Thank you for your outstanding support and services over the past year.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Jonathan, It was nice meeting with you and thanks for an excellent job. Hopefully we can meet up again but under a different set of circumstances.

5 Star Rated Attorney

And THANK YOU, TOO, FOR ALL YOUR PAST AND ONGOING HELP!!! You are very knowledgeable, informative and responsive, and an extremely effective fighter for the Davids of the world against their Goliath. Because of you, WE WON!!

5 Star Rated Attorney

Jonathan, Again I want to express my gratitude…My struggle for justice and fairness was as one of the people out there in the world. You didn’t shrink back no matter what was happening through the years. You are a difference maker for the good….It takes a lot of courage, skill and resolve to go up against a very large corporation. You were like David vs. Goliath and David wins again! Thank you.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“Effective, Compassionate Disability attorney”

Being referred to Jonathan was a complete blessing for me. I had been having difficulty obtaining LTD benefits for over a year, and where other lawyers could not help me, or basically dropped the ball, Johnathan was able to mediate on my behalf, and secure all benefits owed within a very short period of time. I find Jonathan to be understanding, supportive, diligent, and true to his word. I respect his honesty, and transparency. I would call on him again if needed with full trust, and assurance that he would guide me appropriately.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“You wont find a better advocate”

I came to Attorney Feigenbaum approximately six years ago without knowing what to expect. I had been diagnosed with an incurable disease and I desperately needed someone to be on my side. I had no idea where to turn and felt as though everything was crumbling around me. Attorney Feigenbaum not only made me feel comfortable, but he made me feel like I was part of the family, and that he would take care of everything. He stood by me and guided me in the right direction every step of the way. He responded to my every inquiry in a timely manner, thereby treating me as though I were his most important client. I would hate for anyone to be in the position I found myself in, but if you did, you could not ask for a better friend and advocate. I am so grateful that Attorney Jonathan Feigenbaum became part of my life.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“Success At Last!”

After working with a local ERISA attorney, who was unsuccessful in securing our disability insurance benefits, we found Jonathan to help us with our appeal. He offered us different fee scenarios, so we could choose to pay out of pocket or on a contingency fee basis, and we felt he worked equally hard on our behalf to win. He walked us through the steps to get important medical letters and other testimonials to support our case. He aggressively represented us, was knowledgeable about our insurance company and ultimately prevailed. We were distant from Boston, but never needed to come to his office. Furthermore, Jonathan kept us well informed and was very responsive and reassuring to us throughout. We have recently recommended him to a friend, whose attorney is less experienced with disability insurance claim denials, Jonathan’s specialty.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“You cannot find a better attorney!”

Atty. Feigenbaum is a very knowledgeable, intelligent, and compassionate lawyer. He was referred to me by my Soc. Sec. lawyer and I was told “he is the best in the business” and that is so completely spot on! My case was, I’m sure, like so many others out there and was taking forever. I was on my second back surgery, have severe neurological issues (for over 10 years) and was still being denied LTD benefits, from the SAME company that had been paying me my STD. I was a litigation paralegal for over 20 years, but had no idea what to do, or where to turn. My husband is also disabled and was nearly killed in a horrific accident in July. Needless to say, our financial situation was dire, and my emotions were of course now completely directed to hoping and praying that my husband would survive, spending every possible waking (and sometimes sleeping) moment in the ICU. I was certainly not concentrated on the LTD issue, even though it meant our very survival. In the meantime, I had absolutely NO income, a husband in a coma, and on the other side of 50, my 75 year old mother was paying my mortgage so that my Grandson (who we have Guardianship of), myself and my husband, if he survived, would have a home to come home to. It was embarrassing, heartbreaking, stressful, and demoralizing, but I could do nothing about it. I had to concentrate on him. Now, I realize that most everyone in the position of fighting for their LTD benefits are financially desperate, but upon hearing of our particular circumstance, Jonathan offered to represent me on a pro bono basis! Yes, you “heard” that right; for free. I was in tears on the phone (literally) when he offered this to me. The fact that I was a pro bono client did not diminish his quality work and representation of my case. He handled everything for me, and wrote such a concise and detailed appeal of my case, in very short order, had my case approved, all the back payments en route and I am still collecting to date. Jonathan continues to represent me, as you will soon find out (if you don’t already) that winning your appeal is only the first step. These companies will continue to harass you and try to cease your benefits whenever possible. When that happens with me, I simply shoot him an email and the matter is handled without any stress on my part. The day Jonathan came into my life was a blessing. You cannot find a better attorney. And yes, I’m happy to report, my husband survived.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Dear Jonathan Thanks for everything that you did for me. You are a wonderful human being.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Dear Jonathan, Thank for staying in touch. I am using a new medicine called lyrica that is decreasing my pain level. Thank you again for your efforts on my behalf.

5 Star Rated Attorney

“Genuinely Cares About Clients”

Attorney Feigenbaum provided me with astute counsel and advice. His knowledge and experience of not only the ERISA laws, but also the strategies, doctors, and practices used by insurance companies proved invaluable to winning my case and having my LTD restored. Also, his many contacts with expert witnesses helped refute the unfounded claims made against me by the insurance company. When Attorney Feigenbaum initially took on my case, he promised me that he would see it through to the end even if we had to file in federal court. He was good to his word, working month after month on my LTD appeal and then the subsequent court case. Due to a back ailment, travel is especially difficult and painful for me. Attorney Feigenbaum arranged all of our communication be done through emails, phone calls, US mail and FedEx so that I never had to travel to his Boston office. Throughout the appeal and court case, Attorney Feigenbaum kept me informed of any developments or updates, always explaining my options and offering excellent advice and guidance. His communication was top notch, promptly returning my emails and phone calls and scheduling time when we needed to talk in depth about my case. I wholeheartedly recommend his services and firmly believe Attorney Feigenbaum genuinely cares about his clients and loves what he does.

5 Star Rated Attorney

Jonathan, Thanks for much for expending the time that you did on my LTD case with the insurance company. It was and is greatly appreciated.

5 Star Rated Attorney


Erisa Lawyers | Boston Disability Attorneys

Jonathan M Feigenbaum

Respected ERISA Lawyer Knows How to Win…

Do you need help obtaining insurance or employee benefits, such as short or long term disability, health care, life insurance, or accidental death benefits? ERISA lawyer Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire, would like the opportunity to assist you.

You were promised these benefits and you counted on that promise. You may have paid a hefty premium to make sure they were available when you needed them. Now that day has come, and you find your benefits delayed or denied.

When you are coping with illness, disability, or death of a loved one, battling an insurance company is a draining and unwanted distraction. Let a trusted ERISA lawyer shoulder the burden. Attorney Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire, has spent more than 20 years helping clients get the benefits they need and are entitled to.

Helping Clients Secure Long Term Disability Benefits

Mr. Feigenbaum concentrates in ERISA law. ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income and Security Act) is the federal law that governs most private sector employer provided benefits. As a Boston disability attorney, Mr. Feigenbaum has helped many clients file successful ERISA long term disability insurance claims. He can help you secure benefits under your non-ERISA individual long term disability insurance policy. Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire, has represented individuals in claims with all of the major long term disability insurance companies, including: Unum Group; Paul Revere; Provident; Colonial; New York Life; Hartford; Metlife; Standard Insurance; Cigna; Life Insurance Company of North America; Lincoln Financial; Jefferson Pilot; Reliance Standard; Aetna; Assurant; Chartis; National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh; Northwestern; Fortis; Guardian; Berkshire; Cuna Mutual; Genworth; Prudential; Liberty; Sun Life; Monarch; Mutual of Omaha; MassMutual; Disability Management Services; Equitable; Massachusetts Casualty; Centre Life Insurance; Zurich; Trustmark; US Life; Reassure America; Principal; State Farm; Swiss Re; Great West and others.

Contact a Boston Disability Attorney Who Cares to Fight Your Claim Denial

To talk with a lawyer you can trust about your insurance or employee benefits claim or pursuing litigation in court, contact Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esquire, online. Or telephone him at 617-409-0539 or toll-free at 866-876-4856.

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