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Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esq. of Boston ERISA Attorney Appointed to a Group of Senior Editors of Employee Benefits Law, the Leading Treatise on Employee Benefits

February 10, 2016 Boston, Massachusetts – We are pleased to announce that Jonathan M. Feigenbaum, Esq. has been appointed as a Senior Editor to the editorial board of Employee Benefits Law, the leading treatise on ERISA. This is a joint publication of the American Bar Association with BNA Bloomberg.

“I am proud of my appointment, and I am looking forward to serving in this new role.  Employee Benefits Law is a must have for ERISA attorneys,” said Mr. Feigenbaum.

Employee Benefits Law, Third Edition offers detailed, annotated coverage of ERISA Titles I and IV; rules of tax qualification, deductibility and other key tax issues; preemption; benefit claims; interplay with related legal areas; and effects of sexual orientation and veteran status on benefits. The treatise examines key Supreme Court decisions, the Affordable Care Act, and the wide range of benefits issues relating to employment. Already in its 3rd edition with a large annual supplement, BNA Bloomberg expects to publish the 4th Edition in hardcover in 2016.

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J Feigenbaum Esq joins Senior Editors of Employee Benefits Law the Leading Treatise on Employee Benefits