1) As an insurance claim attorney, what percentage of your practice is devoted to ERISA, disability claims or accidental death claims?

Correct Answer: 99%

2) What is your experience in litigating claims like mine?

Correct Answer: Insurance claim attorney Jonathan Feigenbaum has litigated hundreds of cases at the trial, appellate, and federal court level.

3) Will you be handling my claim yourself? Or, will I be dealing only with office staff?

Correct Answer: Jonathan Feigenbaum personally handles your claim.

4) How long does it take you to return calls or emails to your clients?

Correct Answer: We return calls and emails on the same day.

5) Will you provide my healthcare provider with guidelines on the evidence he or she must provide in order for me to win my claim?

Correct Answer: Of course, Jonathan Feigenbaum handles every claim as a collaborative process between you, your health provider and any other evidence providers.

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