Unexpected Stroke Disables Bank Executive

Jack T., was a senior member of the IT management team of a national bank. He is married with 2 adult children. Although a workaholic, he was an avid golfer until he suffered a completely unexpected cardiovascular accident (stroke) at age 50. Jack had no prior medical history suggesting he was likely to suffer a stroke.

Cognitive Impairment & limited Physical Mobility Facilitates Need for Long Term Disability

Due to severe cognitive impairment & limited physical mobility he and his wife thought he would automatically be awarded the long term disability benefits he deserved. Jack’s wife submitted the claim forms and supporting materials for Jack. Naturally, given Jack’s condition, they expected that the insurance company would pay without delay.

Not so…..

Long Term Disability Claim Denied

After over a year of delay tactics the insurance company denied Jack’s claim, contending he was not disabled from his own occupation.

Disability Claim Denial Overturned

Jack retained Jonathan Feigenbaum. Working together they gathered additional medical information, worked with Jack’s treating doctors, a psychologist, friends and family members, and hired a vocational specialist to determine whether Jack could do his prior job duties.   Jonathan submitted a thorough appeal, and the insurance company overturned its prior decision to deny coverage.

Jonathan continues to represent Jack. He monitors Jack’s claim to assure that the insurance company holds up its end on the bargain so that Jack continues to maintain the benefits he and his family depend on for their financial well- being.