Press Release

For Immediate Release

BOSTON, MA September 20, 2016 –For many years, Jonathan M. Feigenbaum has assisted clients in securing long-term-care benefits they paid for and deserve. Recently, the frequency of long-term-care claim denials by unscrupulous insurance companies has spurred him to use his experience in this area to help those who are battling for the benefits they are entitled to.

Feigenbaum has successfully represented hundreds of clients with a range of disability claims for almost three decades, making sure they receive the insurance benefits they contracted to receive in the event of illness or accident. Due to escalating denials of long-term-care claims he is devoting more time and experience helping people overturn unfounded denials.

“Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance is a type of insurance that companies like to sell and sometimes do not like to pay. Many LTC policies were sold in the 1980s and 1990s. Now, years later many claims are rolling-in and insurance companies don’t want to pay, because of mistakes insurance companies made pricing the policies against the risks they agreed to insure. To reduce financial exposure some insurance companies interpret the policy language to their benefit whenever they can”, said Mr. Feigenbaum. “This is especially challenging for the elderly who have been paying premiums for years and now that they are in need, they expect the insurer to hold up their end of the bargain.”

Getting long-term-care claims paid today can be difficult, frustrating and time consuming. Too often people who need these insurance benefits don’t have the energy or mental faculties to fight with the LTC insurance company and fill out the endless paperwork. Adding to the frustration, is that sometimes children of elderly parents may not live close by, are very busy and cannot readily help their parents with the insurance process.

Reading the policy fine print and understanding the coverage provided can be challenging for anyone. If a claim is denied, it is helpful to have a skilled attorney examine the policy and requirements of laws and regulations. Policy holders have a number of options when their long-term-care claim is denied and they may even be able to claim additional compensation for lawyers’ fees, out-of-pocket expenses, general damages, even punitive damages.

“I advise my clients not to give up. It’s my mission to help them cut through the red tape and navigate the many obstacles insurance companies place in their way and get their long term care claims paid as soon as possible”, said Jonathan Feigenbaum.