“Genuinely Cares About Clients”

Attorney Feigenbaum provided me with astute counsel and advice. His knowledge and experience of not only the ERISA laws, but also the strategies, doctors, and practices used by insurance companies proved invaluable to winning my case and having my LTD restored. Also, his many contacts with expert witnesses helped refute the unfounded claims made against me by the insurance company. When Attorney Feigenbaum initially took on my case, he promised me that he would see it through to the end even if we had to file in federal court. He was good to his word, working month after month on my LTD appeal and then the subsequent court case. Due to a back ailment, travel is especially difficult and painful for me. Attorney Feigenbaum arranged all of our communication be done through emails, phone calls, US mail and FedEx so that I never had to travel to his Boston office. Throughout the appeal and court case, Attorney Feigenbaum kept me informed of any developments or updates, always explaining my options and offering excellent advice and guidance. His communication was top notch, promptly returning my emails and phone calls and scheduling time when we needed to talk in depth about my case. I wholeheartedly recommend his services and firmly believe Attorney Feigenbaum genuinely cares about his clients and loves what he does.