• Long-Term Disability Interview Questions LTD Attorney Boston MA

How to Answer Long-Term Disability Interview Questions

It’s no secret that long-term disability insurance companies don’t like paying certain claim. Often long-term disability adjusters start the process with an interview. If you’re nervous about "the interview", you should be. When you’ve been [...]

  • Long-Term Disability for Migraines LTD Attorney Boston MA

Do You Qualify for Long-Term Disability for Migraines?

While it's possible to receive long-term disability benefits for chronic migraine headaches, being approved for long-term disability for migraines requires a lot of time and diligence. Below, we explore some tips that can help you increase [...]

3 Steps to Follow in Your Insurance Appeal

If you recently received an insurance denial from a disability insurance company, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to deny claims — even legitimate ones — early on. However, if you disagree with [...]