Brain Cancer Diagnosed in Active Director of Manufacturing.

Brain cancer symptoms started as strong headaches, blurred vision, loss of balance, muscular weakness, confusion, and seizures.

William was in his early 50’s, and had a successful career as the Director of Manufacturing for a Fortune 1000 company. In his spare time, he enjoyed playing sports with his sons. Also, William played hockey in an adult league. He never imagined he would have brain cancer.

Testing Revealed Serious Brain Cancer.

Without warning William started experiencing increasingly strong headaches, blurred vision, loss of balance, muscular weakness, confusion, and seizures.  When it became apparent that this was not a seasonal flu or just a cold, his primary care physician referred him to a specialist. Testing revealed that William had been stricken by right frontal oligodendroglioma a serious form of  brain cancer.  In order to destroy the cancer, William underwent a number of operations and concurrent brain irradiation & chemotherapy. In addition, William’s doctors prescribed Keepra – a strong anti-seizure medication. Side effects include: drowsiness, weakness, infection, loss of appetite, stuffy nose, tiredness, and dizziness. The side-effects of Keepra, chemotherapy and radiation therapy rendered him unable to work. The course of treatment sent cancer into remission but damaged William’s short-term memory.

Long Term Disability Approved, Then Randomly Terminated.

When he was unable to continue working, he applied for and was approved for long-term-disability benefits which were extremely important for his family’s financial security.  The insurance company approved his application. Not long after, the insurance company terminated benefits. Sometimes insurance companies use the tactic of randomly terminating benefits hope the claimant will just go away.

Disability Benefits Termination Appealed and Won.

Jonathan Feigenbaum was retained to appeal the termination. Jonathan filed a comprehensive appeal including supporting medical evidence.

William won his appeal record time.  His benefits were reinstated and back benefits were paid.

Jonathan Feigenbaum continues to monitor his claim to insure this doesn’t happen in the future.